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The Essential Role of Yoga for Pregnant Women

  Pregnancy is a transformative and beautiful experience in a woman's life. Maintaining physical and mental well-being during this period is crucial for both the mother and the unborn child. Yoga has emerged as a highly recommended practice for pregnant women due to its numerous benefits. This essay explores why yoga is essential during pregnancy and highlights specific yoga practices that can contribute to a smooth delivery.1. Physical Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy: Yoga offers a range of physical benefits that help pregnant women stay fit and healthy throughout their journey. Regular yoga practice can enhance flexibility, strengthen muscles, improve posture, and alleviate common discomforts such as back pain and swollen ankles. These physical advantages enable pregnant women to adapt...

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All you need to know about Digital prints & Hand block prints!

  In the world of textiles, two prominent printing techniques have emerged as favorites among designers and consumers alike: digital printing and hand block printing. While both methods offer unique advantages, they also possess distinct characteristics that set them apart. Let us explore the qualities and benefits of digital printed fabrics and hand block printed fabrics, shedding light on the artistry and technology behind each technique.   Digital printing revolutionized the textile industry with its technological prowess and creative possibilities. By utilizing high-resolution digital printers, intricate designs can be reproduced with precision and accuracy on a variety of fabrics. Digital printing allows for unlimited color options, complex patterns, and photorealistic imagery, giving designers the freedom to experiment and create visually...

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On Motherhood and Mothers

Motherhood is messy, and challenging, and crazy, and sleepless, and giving, and still unbelievably beautiful. – Rachel Martin   As Kasturba Gandhi’s birthday, April 11 of every year is celebrated as National Safe Motherhood Day, in order to raise awareness about the condition of women during pregnancy and the postnatal period. The theme of this year’s motherhood is about keeping the infant and mother safe and protected from the coronavirus. Care for mothers includes checking up regularly, providing post pregnancy psychological help and counseling, if necessary, and supplying adequate care and comfort during prenatal and neonatal periods, among many others. Studies show that about 10-15 percentage of women undergo postnatal depression, often lasting longer than what people call as ‘baby...

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Fix up you work from home wardrobe essentials

Fix up your work from home wardrobe essentials   How long have we been working from home? How long has it been since we have dressed to step out for a meeting? How long is this going to last? Work from home is here is here to stay for a while, however the need to constantly stay in our pyjamas is not! Work from home can be a real bummer when you are an extrovert and can be a dampener on your productivity. To make the best of the current scenario and to boost your morale, there is only one routine you have to get used to - No no! We are not hinting at meditation! Dress up!

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