Fix up you work from home wardrobe essentials

How long have we been working from home? How long has it been since we have dressed to step out for a meeting? How long is this going to last? Work from home is here is here to stay for a while, however the need to constantly stay in our pyjamas is not! Work from home can be a real bummer when you are an extrovert and can be a dampener on your productivity. To make the best of the current scenario and to boost your morale, there is only one routine you have to get used to - No no! We are not hinting at meditation! Dress up!


While we are not suggesting you to dress up to walk the ramp, changing out of your pjs into something which is comfortable and professional - something which allows you to attend meetings and your toddler at the same time, works most of the times. This season, wardrobe ramp up is all about being simple and comfortable. Without further adieu, here is look at some of our best looks this summer

to beat the heat and the work from home blues!


1. A simple sleeveles Kalamkari Tunic:

Breezy and light, this kalamkari sleeveless tunic is easy to slip into and can be paired with almost anything, depending on your mood - denim, cotton trousers, shorts or skirts. Subtle, yet bold, this tunic makes a statement. Style this with a ponytail to complete the look!

2. A summery floral hand-block printed dress:


Nothing can beat the supple feel of hand block printed cotton brushing against your skin! And this flowy dress is just right to power through a busy day! With your hair tied into a bun and the right accessories, you are ready to ace the meeting you are looking forward to!


3. Lilac coord set - Style it the way you want!


Go in for this coord set if you are feeling particularly experimental! A three piece set, which can be worn seven ways is truly a mood lifter. Do write to us if you come up with other interesting ways to pair this!


4. Ajrakh collared shirt:


Here is a twist to the staple white shirt in every wardrobe! Add a pop of colour in this bright, yet professional look - good for meetings in the morning and a catch up with friends later!


5. Sanganeri hand printed coord:


If pjs were this stylish and cool, we wouldn't mind jumping in and out of them! A ode to the usual pyjamas, this comfortable coord can be mixed and matched to create a signature look that matches your personality and mood!


Let us know if you feel we have missed out on other comfortable wear to ace working from home! We are all ears!











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