On Motherhood and Mothers

Motherhood is messy, and challenging, and crazy, and sleepless, and giving, and still unbelievably beautiful. – Rachel Martin


As Kasturba Gandhi’s birthday, April 11 of every year is celebrated as National Safe Motherhood Day, in order to raise awareness about the condition of women during pregnancy and the postnatal period. The theme of this year’s motherhood is about keeping the infant and mother safe and protected from the coronavirus. Care for mothers includes checking up regularly, providing post pregnancy psychological help and counseling, if necessary, and supplying adequate care and comfort during prenatal and neonatal periods, among many others. Studies show that about 10-15 percentage of women undergo postnatal depression, often lasting longer than what people call as ‘baby blues’. Most remain undiagnosed and some do not even recover. This is why mental health professionals are necessary and why women truly need to be appreciated. Women’s bodies go through so much. Often, new mothers struggle with the changes to their bodies like stretch marks and cuts, but these are like battle scars or tiger stripes, showing the strength and determination of women.



But one topic that is not discussed in depth is fashion for new mothers, or mothers-to-be. Now, the question arises. Is fashion even necessary during this crucial period? Fashion refers to a style of dressing during a period of time, especially one that is prevalent. So, fashion for mothers is a pertinent topic of discussion. Mothers often struggle with clothing that is not comfortable enough, or does not serve their purpose. Around the time of and after pregnancy, women need to be encourage to be proud of their bodies for having been true warriors, bearing so much pain, to bring a new life into this world. It is truly all about feeling beautiful and comfortable in one’s own skin.




Clothing, among many other things has a way of making people feel good about themselves. After all, when a person looks good in their own eyes, and in the eyes of people surrounding them, their confidence is immensely boosted. Choosing clothing that is light on your skin, like cotton weave or linen, is ideal and makes your skin breathe easier. Another thing to consider is wearing clothes that are have softer elastics or looser drawstrings to not cut into or hurt the delicate places in a woman’s body. Billowing clothing which allows for greater air circulation and comfort, while being stylish is yet another option. Relaxed fits and roomier dresses, with forgiving fabrics that are not clingy, also help us to feel secure about one’s bodies, if the person does not want to flaunt it yet. A tip for those who want to flaunt their new just-gave-birth bodies is to have softer cuts and ample space for breathability, while still being styled on point, with bolder colours and prints. At home, in one’s own comfort of privacy, clothing is a little relaxed. Do keep in mind, the importance of wearing clothing that is easily maneuverable, so that it does not hinder the process of feeding.



Overall, it is empowering to see women take control of their bodies and be proud of who they are, and what they went through. Childbirth is a true miracle, and the mothers who are magicians are the ones who truly need to be commended.

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